The way of business is changing these days. E-commerce websites are examples of that. You can expand your business with e-commerce sites. These types of business ideas are changing the mode of the Indian economy. Amazon helps small-scale enterprises to grow at a national level.

There are a lot of e-commerce websites like Amazon, which operate in India. But Amazon is more popular among other e-commerce sites and has numerous consumers. Now the feasible loan settlement from Amazon has raised ease for its sellers.

Because of financial shortages, Amazon sellers could not focus on increasing sales; Amazon loans support you.

What is the Purpose of Amazon Loan

Amazon is exclusive in its place in the trade for lending for sellers, and the step into banking has been long since it was first declared. Rooted on the current master plan for financial services, what Amazon is presently starting and developing offers us a vision of the company’s scheme.

Their center of attention is following their master plan of raising their association within their Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon has made various master plan investments to increase the company’s consumer and merchant base. Amazon has also created tools to:

  • Drive more visitors to their store by using multiple loan schemes such as AmazonPay Later.
  • Hassle-free uses of their websites to sell more products
  • Let more sellers join their e-store

Amazon makes banking more reachable and simple by using digital banking like online bill pay, personal loans, etc. The company is trying to attract buyers and sellers.

Amazon initiated offering amounts to take into the small-scale business sector and help Amazon sellers grow their business with easy financing options in 2011. Amazon also launched a variation of credit card options for customers during the same time.

Advantages of Amazon Loans

Easy business expansion: Amazon knows all requirements of sellers and provides special loans to sellers.

Easy-to-get finance: Sellers can apply for Amazon loans hassle-free via the lenders’ portal. This will save sellers time that they can use to grow their market.

Guarantee Free: Most Amazon loans are security free which means the seller should not take the stress and focus on business essentials.

Repayment Period: Many credit lenders consider the monthly installment system, but Amazon does not believe it. It provides repayment flexibility. You can also pay an installment weekly. Because of this, you can maintain your finances better.

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Who is Eligible To Apply For Amazon Loan

Who is Eligible To Apply For Amazon Loan

We have discussed all the basics of Amazon lending. We will see who is eligible for an Amazon loan. This scheme is for those small-scale businesses selling through the Amazon platform.

If you are searching about Amazon loans requirements or eligibility to take Amazon loans. Amazon didn’t disclose any information. However, in the opinion of Amazon seller forum threads, it is eventual to explain the condition that determines the consent to participate ineligible for the Amazon lending scheme. They include:

  • No violation regarding copyright and trademark
  • Consumer satisfaction metrics
  • The seller must be selling via Amazon for a minimum of 1 year
  • No Serious complaints in the previous half-year

How Can I Finance My Amazon Business

Suppose you are considering taking out a loan. It is essential to think about your purpose and which type of loan suits your requirements. Pursue about below points:

  • Do you consider running ads on social media to promote your products? Do you think that you can sell products in bulk?
  • Analyze your company’s finance after understanding your requirements. Before going through the research procedure, consider a loan officer. Here are several loan getting points to consider:
    • Check consumer civil scores to know your risk sufferance.
    • Think how quickly you will require amounts
    • Decide the time of repayment of loan funds.

What Can You Use Amazon Loans For?

Maintaining a Healthy List: As an Amazon seller, you have to keep your ranking up among others to get more sales. It would be best to have a wide range of items and could not attract mass consumers without maintaining a healthy list. You can take Amazon loan amounts to keep your healthy list.

Marketing Process: Your market reach must be well planned, smart, and essentially different from your competitors’ sellers. Almost 300 million consumers are on Amazon. Being an Amazon vendor, you must focus on planning and quality control.

Consolidation of Debt: You can keep all loans in place to enjoy a bigger profit margin. Thanks to Amazon loans that assist you in managing your existing loans.

Benefits of Amazon Loans

  • Loan begins from 1.5 Lac
  • Interest rates start as low as 1% a month.
  • Repayment period of loan up to 3 years
  • The procedure for the loan is paperless. After uploading documentation, the rest procedure takes 48 hours only.
  • Zero hidden charges.
  • It is an unsecured loan, which means no guarantee is required.
Documents Required For Amazon Seller To Get The Loan

Documents Required For Amazon Seller To Get The Loan

  • PAN Card
  • Previous one-year Statement of Current Account.
  • Annual sales proof
  • KYC documents
  • Proof of business address
  • Last 24 months’ financial documents – Tax Returns, Balance Sheet, and Computation Sheet
  • State-issued ID proof
  • Order copy
  • Existing all loans details documents
  • 12 months transactions statement of the POS machine
  • Legal papers of the business


Before deciding which type of loan you need to fund your Amazon business, consider where you will use the amounts and how fast you need the loan amount.

Consider the required money you need and the repayment period of the Amazon loan.



1. Is Amazon Lending accessible to every Amazon merchant?

Ans: Amazon loans are only for Amazon sellers; their many factors matter to avail of a loan. If they allow you to take that opportunity to avail a loan, it is an invite-only scheme.

2. Who can take an Amazon seller loan?

Ans: Every small-scale seller will be able to take Amazon loans. It depends upon every seller’s experience, or other factors do also matter because Amazon does not provide any clear details of eligibility as we mentioned above.

3. How will I receive the Amazon loan amounts?

Ans: Amazon sellers will get loan amounts directly into their seller central account.

4. Who should avail of Amazon seller loans?

Ans: This loan is for those small-scale merchants who want to expand their businesses.