Nowadays, it is very easy to open a savings account online. You can open a savings account instantly through the bank’s website or the bank’s mobile app.

811 savings account can be opened through Kotak Mahindra bank’s website or mobile app. It is a zero-balance account. RBI guidelines say banks can open a bank account for customers whose number is linked to an Aadhaar card. So an account can open on Aadhaar based OPT.

This process is so easy for customers to open a digital savings account from sitting at home without going to the bank. You need not fill out the account opening form physically; enter details online, and it is a paperless process.

You can make digital savings account within a few minutes and start using it instantly. All significant banks allow users to open digital savings accounts online to save their time.

Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of them, which allow a customer to open 811 savings account online with a few steps:

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria can differ from bank to bank. For 811 savings accounts are below:

General Eligibility Requirements for 811

  • Age 18
  • Resident Indian Citizen

Required Documents

  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card

Features of 811 digital savings account

811 digital savings account is easy to manage online from home, and you will have all the features that other savings accounts have.

1. Paperless Process

Opening an online savings account is a paperless process. You need to go to the bank’s website or mobile app to open 811 digital savings account instantly. 

Scan documents are not required; you just need to fill up the Aadhaar card and Pan card details, and other details for opening an 811 digital savings account.

2. Online Transactions

Online transactions have become popular these days, and it saves your precious time. Users can transfer funds online like UPI, Mobile Banking, Net Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Scan & Pay, etc. 

With 811 savings accounts, customers can send money without any charge. Online transactions play an essential role in making a cashless economy.

3. Attractive Interest Rate

Bank pays interest on the digital savings account holder’s deposit. From time to time, the interest rate changes. But still, digital savings accounts earn a decent interest rate on deposit funds.

4. Debit card

The user gets a virtual debit card with a digital savings account. You can make online payments and shop online with a virtual debit card. Virtual debit cards are completely free.

You can also order a physical debit card, withdraw money at any ATM, or pay for your shipping at supermarkets.

Benefits of online digital savings account

Online digital savings accounts offer a lot of benefits to their users. We summarise the benefits of the 811 digital savings account below:

1. Instant Account Opening

Gone are the days when we had to wait for several days to open a savings account. Nowadays, you can open a savings account online in just a few minutes. You must have an Aadhaar Number and PAN Number, and a Registered Aadhaar Mobile Number So that you can open savings account online in a few minutes!

After this, you can withdraw money from your other savings account and deposit it to a new digital savings account and take advantage of online transactions.

2. FREE Transactions

You can transfer funds to anyone free of cost within minutes.

3. Minimum balance

There is no minimum balance requirement in a digital savings account.

4. Interest 

 A digital savings account pays interest on deposit funds. 

5. Internet Banking

The user gets net banking with an online saving account to transfer funds online within minutes.

6. Mobile Banking

With the help of mobile banking, users can pay bills, buy services, send or receive money, and many more.

Variant of Kotak 811 Accoount

Variant811 Limited KYC811 Lite811 Full KYC Account811 EDGE
How To OpenVia Kotak Bank App or WebsiteVia Kotak Bank App or WebsiteVia Kotak Bank App or WebsiteVia Kotak Bank App/Website/Visit nearest bank branch
Virtual Debit CardFREENAFREENA
Physical Debit CardINR 199 p.aNAINR 199 p.aPlatinum Debit Card INR 150 p.a
Minimum BalanceZeroZeroZero10,000
Online TransactionsIMPS & NEFT freeOutward Funds Transfer not AvailableIMPS, NEFT & RTGS freeIMPS, NEFT & RTGS free
ChequesNANAOn RequestBy Default
Validity from the date opening12 months12 monthsNANA
Interest PaidUp to 4%NAUp to 4%Up to 4%


1. What is Kotak 811

Ans: Kotak 811 is a zero balance digital savings account that users can open online via the Kotak bank app or bank’s websites within minutes.

2. How can I deposit money to my 811 savings account?

Ans: There are several options to deposit funds to your savings account:- 

  • Visit the nearest branch to deposit cash
  • Through Net banking
  • Through UPI
  • Add money with a debit card 
  • Transfer funds from another account via NEFT.

3. Can I get a virtual debit card with an 811 account?

Ans: Yes, you will get a virtual visa classic debit card with an 811 savings account.

4. Can I request a Physical debit card?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for a physical debit card. Follow these steps to apply physical debit card of 811 digital savings account:-

  • Open Kotak bank App
  • Click on the ‘811’ icon
  • Then click on ‘Virtual Debit Card.’
  • You will see the option Apply For Physical Debit Card- click on ‘Apply Now 
  • Then follow the procedure

Note:- Physical Debit Card charge is 199 rupees per annum + applicable tax.

5. Is Kotak 811 a zero balance account?

Ans: Yes, Kotak 811 is a Zero-balance digital savings account.

6. How do I find my Kotak 811 account number?

Ans: open a Kotak bank app, click on ‘Kotak 811, you will get your account details there.

7. How can I get my account details?

Ans: open a Kotak bank app, click on ‘Kotak 811, you will get your account details.